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Are you in need, did the contractions started and don’t you have contact with a physician, please let us know. Foundation Beschermde Wieg is here for you and your baby. Call our free number, wherever you are and whatever you need. We are here for you.


0800-6005 (free)

You can also chat (in the lower-right corner of your screen), text or App 06 - 1111 65 65


zwangerAre you pregnant and about to give birth?
zwangerAre you pregnant and don’t want to, or can not keep your baby?
zwangerAre you soon about to give birth and do you need to remain anonymous?
zwangerAre you pregnant and do you have to give birth without any help?


Welcome to Foundation Beschermd Bevallen. Good that you look into what we can do for you and your baby. Sometimes you have problems that are so big and that you couln’t share with anyone, that you no longer know how to proceed. For example if you are unintended pregnant, perhaps against your will.


There are girls/women who have kept their pregnancy a secret for so long and by now she should give birth all by herself. That is not only dangerous for the mother and her baby, but also a really tough and violent traumatic event. From a panic reaction or the fear of discovery something can happen that is irresponsible and not possible turning back.


With us you can ask all your questions about your delivery and what your options are. We can discuss your problems together. With each other we can look for a solution which feels good for you. You ar not alone.


Not only by giving you the best possible advice and answers to your questions, but also to help you to make a safe and good choice when it comes to the future of you and your baby.


We will help you,  from human to human, without judgement and with love.  





Have you already given birth and are you looking for help? Foundation Beschermde Wieg has several locations in the Netherlands:




Foundation Beschermde Wieg has not yet Protected Cradle Rooms throughout the Netherlands, but a network participation which provides mobile help and services.
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