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Or support us by bying one of the book of Barbara Muller.
The entire proceeds will go to the foundations.


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zwangerAre you pregnant and this must remain a secret?
zwangerAre you pregnant and don't you want to, or can not keep your baby?
zwangerAre you pregnant and you need to remain anonymous?
zwangerAre you pregnant and do you have to give birth without any help?

Call us, wherever you are or whatever you need. We are here for you.
Call our free number 0800-6005 (free) or chat with us directly!
You can also use Whatsapp


06 - 1111 65 65

(available day and night)









Are you in need of help, do you have contractions and no contact with a doctor,
don't hesitate to contact us.
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Our professional team of volunteers is available for girls and women who are in need of help. Not only by the best possible advice and answers to their questions, but also by helping them to make responsible trade-offs when it comes to the well-being of their (future) baby. Women in need with a request for help may contact us through mail, app, live chat and via 0800-6005 (free) (24 hours). Read this review about our experiences by Beschermde Wieg Foundation until now.

SEARCH & FIND HELP (also anonymous)

Welcome to our website “The Beschermde Wieg”. We are very pleased that you are researching (reviewing) what we can do for you and your baby. There could be a moment in your life, when you have problems that control your life daily in such a way, that it is difficult to properly oversee these problems. For example, an unplanned pregnancy.


At this site you can read the possibilities that are there for you. Our phone number 0800-6005 (free) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) to help you. From person to person, without judgement, but with love and care.



Love for life
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Need help?

Are you pregnant or have recently given birth, dare you not contact with official authorities, please call, chat, app or email us. We'll be happy to help you without any judgment. Together, we look at what a good solution is for you and your baby.

About care taking


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Beschermde Wieg has different locations in the Netherland which you can visit. If you need help, we are there for you!
Is there no Beschermde Wieg Room near you, please choose our mobile help!



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Whenever you are in need of help, do contact us. That is possible; By phone 0800-6005 (free), by mail, you can chat (rightbottom of this page). Or maybe you rather use Whatsapp 06-11116565 or 06-41460457

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Press & Publications

Curious about the latest developments of Beschermde Wieg Foundation and interested in news and press releases?



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Support, like many Dutch celebrities, the Beschermde Wieg Foundation so we can open multiple Beschermde Wieg rooms.



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Support us!

Donate a one-time amount and support our foundation so we can open multiple Beschermde Wieg rooms. Quick, safe and easy via iDeal or by a (private) bank transfer NL38TRIO0197977324. You can also buy one of the books of Barbara Muller.

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Beschermde Wieg Foundation can be found at different locations in the Netherlands.
If you are in need of any help and there's no way out, you can visit us for direct assistance for you and your baby.