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zwangerAre you pregnant and this must remain a secret?
zwangerAre you pregnant and don't you want to, or can not keep your baby?
zwangerAre you pregnant and do you need to remain anonymous?
zwangerAre you pregnant and do you have to give birth without any help?


Are you in need of help, do you have contractions and no contact with a doctor, don't hesitate to contact us. Call us, wherever you are or whatever you need. We are here for you.


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Welcome to Beschermde Wieg. Good that you look into what we can do for you and your baby. Sometimes you have problems that are so big and that you have not shared with anyone yet and you no longer know how to proceed. For example, if you are pregnant without the intention, perhaps against your will. There are girls and women who gave birth all alone after a pregnancy they have kept secret. This is not only dangerous for the mother and her baby, but also a very serious and intense traumatic experience. From a panic reaction or the fear of discovery, something can happen that is irresponsible and irreversible.


At Beschermde Wieg you can ask all questions about your birth and what the possibilities are afterwards. We can discuss your problems together. Together we can look for a solution that makes you feel good. That is also possible together with a doctor or midwife where you do not have to give your name. The Beschermde Wieg volunteer will guide you through this.You are not alone.


She is there for you. Not only by giving the best possible advice and answers to your questions, but also by helping you to make a safe and good choice when it comes to the future of you and your baby.


We help you, human to human, without judgment and with love.




If you are in need, the contractions have started and you do not have contact with a doctor, you can also contact us.






Are you considering giving up your baby without anyone knowing about it? Or are you looking for personal but anonymous help? Beschermde Wieg Foundation has various loacations in the Netherlands.






Know that we are always there for you and that you can trust that everything you tell us will remain secret.
You can find the Beschermde Wieg Foundation at various locations in the Netherlands.
If you really don't know a way out anymore, then you can visit us for direct help for you and your baby.